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Contemporary dating etiquette

Furthermore, Kwasnik and Crouch suggest that “the disposition of wooing is far nobler than that of pursuit,” since it demands a giving heart and focuses its attention not on conquest, but on communion.

In a dating culture marked by ambiguity and power struggles between the sexes, the clarity and equity this description of wooing offers seems mighty attractive.

Wedding Anniversaries are a time for a couple to celebrate their love and the time they've spent together as man and wife.

Needless to say such relationships rarely evolve into something serious.

According to the Kasses, courtship is the practice of “finding and winning the right one, for marriage.” The term “courting,” they report, goes back to the 16th century: “to pay amorous attention to, to woo, with a view to marriage.” The meaning of the term “to woo” can easily be lost in a culture whose members may care little for love and even less for marriage.

Yet wooing, understood fully, is highly distinct from “pursuit,” our more commonly used term to describe romantic engagements.

It is said that the husbands presented silver and gold garlands on the appropriate anniversary, to their wives.

References have also associated the 5th wedding anniversary to the material wood, beginning around 1875.

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In order to recognize the contrareity between wooing and pursuing one must first recognize that the notion of pursuit as we practice today arose concurrently with the practice of dating and is in fact a constitutive aspect of the current dating culture.

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