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Controversy was sparked, mostly by accusations of entrapment by lawyers for the accused predators and a high profile suicide of one man caught in the sting (but who did not appear on the show, having discovered prior to his death that he had been nailed in a sting operation).

The show "preceded, and you can argue was an instigator of, the true crime conversation," said "Dateline" senior executive producer David Corvo.

Some feel or claim that no one outside of law enforcement can understand them.

This behavior leaves a lot of victims in its wake as well-meaning people get used, abused, and/or dumped.

Decades before "Serial" and "Making a Murderer" made true crime a phenomenon in new media, and before "The People v. The NBC series began its 25th season on Friday, joining a vanishingly small group of TV series to last so long.

Simpson: American Crime Story" won more Emmys than "Game of Thrones," "Dateline" was telling the stories of little-known crimes taking place in small towns in Kansas or rural Ohio week in and week out.

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Her Albuquerque police officer husband found her and called 911.