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Joomla community builder dating

You can control absolutely any content, from a piece of HTML code to a part or even a whole article.

Grant or restrict access depending on a viewer's user group or access level.

The default fields to be displayed in the search result can also be configured along with the name format and date.

You can set the Community Builder privacy for each search - you may use it in some searches or you can ignore it in others.

If you do not post your configuration report we will not ask you for it but you will probably not get your problem solved, either.

For all of these you must be logged in into the Joomla administration section.

It has the ability to set the menu Itemid for the search results (usually the main Community Builder menu item) as well as choose the name for Profiles and limit the number of search results returned.

It can either search all profile fields except any defined in the blacklist or only fields defined in the whitelist.

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