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For each module, students are required to: a) read a chapter from the textbook and review accompanying slides and information provided by the professor (all available on the Desire2Learn site), andb) write a quiz, which is also provided on Desire2Learn There is an invigilated final exam, which is completed once all 8 quizzes have been completed.There are also opportunities to earn extra course credit, which are detailed in the Course Outline.The knowledge you gain in 301 will help you succeed in 321.Corequisite – This is a course that must be taken simultaneously (or prior to) another course so you will be prepared to succeed in the other course.An invigilated final exam can be scheduled once the student has completed all of the chapter materials.The course includes 8 modules that correspond to the last 8 chapters of the Weiten and Mc Cann textbook.

The course is self-paced, as students can work through each of the chapters in whichever order is preferred.

You can search the timetable by term and preview new terms before priority registration begins.

Search the Timetable The Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog provide descriptions, credit hours, registration notes, and general education designations for each course.

No matter your relationship status, this course in the topic of relationship science will give you the tools you need to approach romantic relationships in a manner conducive of honoring your own well being as well as caring for another person completely.

Throughout this course in relationship science, you will learn the importance of understanding the topics and issues related to relationships, attraction, seduction, intimacy and more.

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