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Queer dating ottawa

His interdisciplinary work with nursing, social work, geriatrics, psychiatry, and radiology has significant implications for the prosecution of elder abuse and neglect cases.This webinar will assist all professionals who work on elder abuse multidisciplinary teams (MDT) to better understand the issue of decisional capacity. Olsen will provide several contexts where decisional capacity is central to case formulation and resolution.Several speed-dating companies target specific communities, and the LGBT community happens to be one of them.I saw that for myself when I ventured out to an event run by Single and Eligible. Two women had called in sick, so what should have been two events became one 19-plus event. The small candles at each table made it all the more intimate.Speed dating has been kicking around as a cultural phenomenon since the late 1990s.

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With the proliferation of dating apps and websites, today’s singles are increasingly turning to screens for hookups, dates and long-term love.

Today, the working group includes multiple state and federal agencies, local law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, and Aging Services, and works in tandem on important cases that benefit all older Oregonians.

Learn how to develop a similar collaboration in your community.

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